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radio kit for snatch landrover

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Firstly apologies, I seem to be asking lots of questions at the moment :blush:


As the whole world probably knows by now, I have a Snatch Landrover :D It has lots of extra cables and the 24v system for radios along with various wing mounts, clansman aerial mounts behind the top hatch etc. I was wondering if anyone had a pictures and/or information on the correct radio equipment that should be installed. As there's lots of surplus clansman sruff around at the moment I figured now might be the right time to pick up the necessary bits.




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I don't know about the last "snatch" series, but the predecessors had Pye Westminster fitted in NI, so I assume that the ones in NI used the same kit. The one's deployed in Iraq and other far-fliung places would probably be fitted as to unit requirements and location. For instance, in the more mountainous parts of Afghanistan, you can forget VHF/UHF sets, HF has a better chance of getting through.


You could probably fit what you want, the great unwashed public wouldn't know the difference, and probably don't care anyway! With your luck, an "expert" will idle by and tell you where you went wrong, and "back in his day..."

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