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Gurkha 68 Pattern Battledress


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A while ago I started a thread on Gurkha specific 68 pattern gear. The premise was that I couldn't see the point of a line of Gurkha specific gear when it seemed to be the same size as standard 68 pattern gear. Well after closer examination of a pair of size 9 Gurkha trousers it would appear that I was mistaken. A standard pair of size 9 68 patt strides would absolutely bury me. The size 9 Gurkha pair fit perfectly and are much closer to a pair of size 6 standard 68 pattern. I will have to dig out my 68 pattern Gurkha smock and compare to a standard 68 smock again....!





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The Gurkha sizes above 04 disappeared during the mid/late 1970s, probably as found unnecessary......this range was introduced when the 68 pattern suit first appeared (1971)......later issues of sizes 01 to 04 were without the "Gurkha" designation on the label but maintained the NSN.....intended for female and small-size chaps.......although obviously older production bearing the Gurkha designation continued in order to use up stocks....


68 pattern smock and trouser sizing is always an interesting issue......the original design intention being that the suit was worn loose to permit layers of clothing to be worn underneath as required plus to provide trapped warm air for cold weather insulation.....


Note the rounded belt loops, a feature of some early production 68 trousers and a carry-over from the 60 pattern.....

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