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ITN footage of Saladins firing - Oman Conflict OMAN ALVIS SALADIN


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If you like Saladins you will like this clip. Click on the link and watch the clip. Its from an ITN news report from the early 1970's and also shows landrovers in action, firing heavy machine guns from the rear .


The three saladins appear trundling across the desert about 1 minute 17 seconds into the clip , they stop in a line a open up with their 76mm's on a target - All posed for the camera but looking good !


Enjoy the clip !



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....I just had a look at the above footage, and then did a search for Alvis Saracen, and lo and behold, on the 1st clip I watched 'Ulster Clip 1', at 00:58, is MY saracen!.... although it seems this was shot before it was up-armoured.... how cool is that!:cool2:

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Thats a really nice find . Bet you were buzzing ! You can purchase better copies of trhe clips from ITN but they are not cheap - I thinks its about £150 to get a CD made up by them , but they will combine a few films onto one CD , so if a few owners spot their vehicles they could club together ?


To search the archive properly you have to come up with dirfferent search ideas, a bit like google - I have found lots of clips withBritish military vehicles on from different decades.

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