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willys 1944 clutch problem



Hi there. Heres a problem i have which jeep owners may have encountered. Fitted new AP clutch kit to jeep but having difficulties with adjustments. Measured fingers to 27/32" or 21.43mm but distance between bearing and pressure plate is too large. Cable adjustment is at maximum and clutch fork hits bellhousing opening before it engages. Been told that pressure plate is preset but then told it should be set on flywheel!

Checked all parts for excessive wear but seem ok. Old clutch seemed to work ok but had a hairline crack in pressure plate face which is why i`m changing it. Noticed that the bearing is 2 to 3mm thinner than previous. If they get thinner each time i don`t suppose it would help. Why do the fingers have to be set at the specified gap or is there room for adjustment? I think the problem lies with the clutch kit itself rather than linkages. Getting tired of taking box off engine PLEASE HELP!



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Hi Phil,


I'm no expert but have installed a few Jeep clutches and never had this issue.


To be so far away there is something drastically wrong i think?


The Clutch fingers need to be adjusted when the pressure plate is fully torqued against the flywheel and the measurement from the face of the clutch fingers (the part that contacts the TO bearing) to the face of the clutch bracket should measure 27/32". All three fingers need to come in contact with the TO bearing at the same time.


If you are adjusting the fingers before the plate is attached to the flywheel this may be you problem?


Anyway, as i said, i'm no expert and have not encountered this problem on the ones ive fitted?


Someone else on here will know more, or post you question on G503?



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