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  1. Trying to source a 3 core cable similar to the one on my trailer. Its around 12mm overall thickness with rubber sleeve, I managed to slip over a asphalt sleeve which looks good. Problem is the wiring is getting a bit old and could do with changing. All i can find in the right size is stuff like cooker cable. Would this be any good for a 6v system?
  2. Will be looking for a few spares for BC1000 if anyone wants to sell, Handset and probably straps to start with. Phil
  3. Just found another one for sale on Milweb for £750,
  4. It probably was, there is one on Ebay asking price £2361.79! from a guy in Sebia
  5. That sounds cheap. I have found a sale for £1000 over a year ago, admittedly it had all the extras. Have prices slumped or was that over the top?
  6. Hi guys, whats a BC-1000-A, SCR-300 worth nowadays?
  7. By the look of that pitting I would say originals, what studs do you mean? Be careful buying old wheels as they tend to be buckled.
  8. Has anyone got pins for a D58626 mount and a m23 early mount. Also after ammo trays to suit.
  9. I have a friend who runs that setup so it does work, if I remember correctly the bushing that fits into the transfer box that the cable connects to is different on wartime jeeps.
  10. Looking for straight lunette to fit mbt/bantam trailer, have a Ben Hur ring to trade.
  11. Just a nudge Nige regarding lunette, probably could do with housing also as I have the Ben Hur set up if you can help. Regards Phil
  12. Thanks for reply`s. Haven`t got the facilities to do it myself but would like to know if you come up with anything Skelly. Phil
  13. I too have been after one of these early trays but with no luck, I'm thinking of welding the two mounting brackets onto a later model instead. They are a little easier to find. Phil
  14. I know this subject has come up before but has anyone had any luck with repairing bent rims. I have a few lying around that where too out of true for my jeep so went in the shed. Also is it possible to rebuild the stud holes. Phil
  15. Looking for a straight trailer lunette if anyone has one to sell. Phil
  16. that`s a bit out of my price range with import duties ect.
  17. Thanks again for reply. I would not want to butcher it anyway just thinking I could adapt the ammo tray maybe by adding the angled brackets. Will have a good search first for an early one.
  18. Thanks for the pics much appreciated, think I may struggle to find one of those trays. Is it possible to attache a later type?
  19. Can someone show me what type of ammo tray fits this mount, I'm assuming it's an early one.
  20. Thanks, Been looking for a while but couldn't find any info at all.
  21. Thanks fellas, does that make it a post war patch
  22. p Picked this up the other day but can't identify the arm patch. Any ideas?
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