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1953 Pattern Parka Middle & Hood - Size 9


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Not terribly uncommon but you do not often see them in the largest size 9. I have a soft spot for these parkas developed to deal with the cold of Korean winters in 1952. The earlier 1952 pattern had a lighter weight outer material and an attached hood. The jacket is of a later manufacture than the hood, the former having an NSN and no date on the label.


Both parka and hood are in excellent, almost unissued, condition.






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I've also got an absolutely mint Size 9, but didn't realise that the hood was produced in a size "XL" for the 9.........not so for the combat smocks of all patterns up to the early 1980s that used only 2 sizes for the entire range of jackets (small and large, later size 1 and 2)...........


Seems the green parka was made right up to the early 1970s, some of the later examples (usually made by James Smith) having black-on-green labels plus NATO stock numbers, etc. The green parka wasn't replaced by the DPM version until 1976-77 and then stocks of the green model were to remain in use until worn out, according to the official side......


First issue parka ("Parka, Middle") from 1951 to 1952 had a permanently-attached hood, no outer top-pockets and made from cotton-gabardine........issues after 1952 (1952 pattern) had the detachable hood, top pockets and made from cotton-sateen.......:-D

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