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This what happens


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This is what happens when a leyland daf drops meets a landrover head on whilst driving on convoy lights both the landrover occupants lived but had there legs broken. The UN lanny had just been bulled up and had its PRE inspection that morning, we got a call that one of the O.P post had boiled over near ambush ally not for from the box factory B32 so we went out to help at 0200 hrs to recover them back to main base , when we got there all we could find (or they found us ) was wild dogs all around us hence the name ambush ally ,we got the humanitarion officer out to shoot a few to scare them off , they had rabies. So where was this lanny, when we did find it about 100 metres away it had rolled into a mine field, so this is where all that training had come into hand ,all the lads was sat on top of the lanny hiding from the dogs , we tossed a rope ,then they dragged a winch line and fixed it to the lanny , by then the engineers had arrived with metal detectors, and we dragged them out , we had a lucky night ,the mines the dogs and the turkish soldiers watching us like hawks and nobody got shot, bitten or blown up :-D

cars 014.jpg

cars 015.jpg

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What the hell's a Lanny?:D


I am with the OP: Lanny. I wasn't with him at the Box Factory. Was this the Ay Nick Box Factory on the outskirts of the ESBA at Dekhelia? I was there in late 1976.


If you read Pull up a Sandbag ( http://www.whsmith.co.uk/CatalogAndSearch/ProductDetails.aspx?productId=9781846830747 ) page 44 (written by me) describes my colleague hearing a Cockney voice from the Trukish trenches not very far away. Long story. I suggest you buy the book (no I won't get a back-hander: the story was lifted verbatim from Arrse.

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We nicknamed them lannys probably a army thing , never heard of them being called landie before :cheesy: Alien FTM this was in 1990


From 1975. Though tbh I always preferred the term "Rover", but this could be confusing because the CO (and OCs) had an armoured rover which may technically not have been a Land Rover. In an Armd Recce Regt the OrBat gave the CO and OCs a Ferret as a rover, but the OCs took the SSMs' Land Rovers and the CO took the RSM's Land Rover and swapped.


RSM and SSMs felt hard done by after a long career (normally longer than the OCs and at least as long as the CO) but rank had its privileges. This was universal in the Armoured Corps and I'll be surprised if it didn't also happen in the infantry and non-combat arms.


I understand they all get Panthers now (in theory and in the RAC at least).

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