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Hello From the Floridian Sexton!


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Hi Kids!

Yep!..I'm a Newbie!

I was referred to this forum from my thread on the Maple Leaf Up forum on the Sexton restoration I have underway.


There are a lot of tidbits here and i am looking forward to this New wealth of information, as well as, meeting new people in the hobby.

Since I already peruse multiple forums, I'll keep the detailed restoration thread where it is on the MLU forum. However, I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the progress. (most of us check all the major ones any how);)


As for my self, I am a second generation restorer/enthusiast. My father and I own an MB, a Mule, a SW CCKW, and a T-16 which is under going restoration as well. The Sexton is a project I am doing for a friend who owns a non-profit organization honoring our veterans. We simply can't get it done fast enough!


Some of you may have seen my "Real Job" here:


For those who haven't, enjoy. Some of your vehicles may be in here.


I will be posting a 'Parts Needed' list for the Sexton soon!





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Thanks for all the comments Guys!

Yes we are all a bit crazy, but the strange thing is, ....Tanks Keep me Sane!


As for Adrians comment about the weather, When you posted that, we just had our coldest morning this winter, 33 degrees F. But don't worry, we are back to T-Shirts today!


Apparently, one must be registered with the MLU forum to see all the pictures. Kind of like this forum. So I will probably be posting them on one of my photography sights here in the near future. But I do encourage everybody to chime in on the MLU.


Thanks Kids!!



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