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432 Remote Grease Points


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Continuing the clean up and tidying of my 432 since its demob, I removed the drivers floor panel today to clean out god only knows how many years of old oil, grease, sweet wrappers, fag butts etc.. and noticed that of the five grease nipples to the right of the steering tillers the bottom two (nearest the rear door) weren't actually connected to anything as the lines had been cut.


Does anybody know where these two grease lines run to? I know they lubricate the steering linkages and bearings, but I can't actually see where they run off to or trace what little remains of the lines.


Cheers, James.

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The front three nipples lubricate the steering linkage, the rear two lubricate the accelerator cross-shaft. The very rearmost one should have a pipe dropping down to the right-hand bearing, the one on front of it has a long pipe crossing to the left-hand bearing.


And you only found mud and general crud in the driver's footwell? I found a magazine full of blank SA80 rounds - see my post on the subject! :shocked:



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Thanks for that Andy.


It would appear so, there's still a little bit left to clear out but theres nothing major left in there I don't think. It's been very disappointing all round really. The only thing I've found was a few fired blank SA80 rounds under rear floor by the fuel pump. Oh, and some mouldy shreddies! :D



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