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OK-got another maybe stupid question. I was speaking with someone today who asked me if I had ever seen the "slave" unit (I think that is what he said) that fit on top of one of the wheel wells in the FFR Lightweight. I think he said it wnet behind the generator box that is behind my seat. He said it was to start the vehicle if the vehicle's batteries were low?? Would someone put this in context for me. Bil

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Never seen one in the tub , seen them on the front grille (easy wiring access to a 12 volt truck)




Have seen the odd one on rear tow-member of chassis - IIRC one a REME LAD Rover..




amd. Helistart are built in to side of hard-top with reeler, ISTR having seen a Red Arrows Team Rover with reel & socket inside hard-top..

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