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Super Crack Ultra

Tony B

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A stuff I've just discovered yesterday made by Normfest. Described as an ice and rust dissolver. Toquote 'Super crack dissolves firmly bonded screw connections in an energy effececintly and non destrcutivley within a few minutes'. I tried it today on the most ***** bound up load leveler on an heap of ** old 110 Landy. This thing had defied heat hammers and abuse for two full days. Sprayed on super crack, had a cup of tea first sharp tap it just cracked apart. http://www.normfest.de/cms/wm?catId=10189

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Sounds like a similar product to Loctite Freeze & Release, by coincidence, I bought a can this week, as the current project has been standing outside for a good many years. Tried it on a few awkward screws, some countersink. Was not sure if I was lucky or it was good stuff, then this afternoon a semi-trailer came in and I had to remove a part underneath, one nut and bolt was about 12mm with rusty thread through nut, got the nut off so far, then it was solid, so tried this spray on it, and you cannot beleive how easy it came off after about 2 minutes. I am sold on it, if it reduces time and damage. The Loctite product brings temp. of object sprayed, down to -43 degs C, and the contraction allows lubricant in the spray to penetrate up the threads.

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