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Converting the young to MVs


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Well I can say that having a collector parent certainly helps. My Dad entered the hobby by bringing home a Saracen when I was about 13. One of his favorite stories is when I hopped off the school bus in 7th grade, climbed in the driver's seat and headed off down our private road towards home. The bus driver wasn't sure if she should report it to someone...


I'm now 24 and have just completely gutted the fighting compartment of our Abbot. I'm hoping to put it together by the time I finish grad school (a couple years...). A lot of my friends think HMVs are very cool, but they don't consider them because they lack the space, money, experience and tools to maintain or restore them. I certainly wouldn't be able to do anything without my Dad's shop and tool collection.


They're so rarely seen in public over in my time zone that the number one question we get is "you can own these?!" People usually think a large group of HMVs is either from a museum or an active military group. Having the lone HMV at a car show definitely draws attention and is probably the best bet for spreading the "disease":-D.

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We have quite a lot of younger members looking for their first MV.


You called?


I'd love an MV- specifically, something big and lorry- ish, but it's the cost issue that's putting that idea on the back burner- for now.


I've just turned 22; so plenty of time for me to save my pennies and buy a toy in the future.


I can however vouch that teenage (ish) girlies like old Land Rovers- so long as the sun's out!

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Personally. The only younger people i can see coming in to the movement are the kids of existing owners. I cant see new blood coming in to it.



I'll have to disagree with that as none of my family own any mil vehs and i am at 20 yrs old now a proud owner of a WC-52 which is currently going through a VERY long restoration as i am only able to play with it for a few weeks a year.:cry: The joys of the army eh.

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I think part of the problem is the historical "Baggage" you potentially get with an M.V.

If you went out and bought a very good MGB, it may have had only one owner, and a full restoration just add petrol and take it for a blast around some country lanes, put it in the garage and then forget it.

M.V's are fantastically engineered in ways that make civilian classics look crude and cheaply made, however they may also have that "Unsavoury" history that some people wont like such as being used in a conflict, and then the feeling that they have to immerse themselves in that periods history to fit in, instead of just enjoying the big mechanical marvel on the driveway.


I personally like alot of veterans i meet, but then i can relate with them, apparently i am one at the ripe old age of 41 !

If you are young, havent had any military background, and no family connections, turning up at military meets is probably fairly intimidating.


Dont get all "worthy cause veterans yadda yadda" with them, i took a 15 year old lad, the son of an M.V. owner that had lent me a couple of bits, out in my pig, he had learnt to drive his dads civvy landy in a field and was pestering him to have another go, but dad wasnt having it, so after describing how the pig was to drive, i got him in the drivers seat ran through the controls and got him driving it, after i was sure he was in full control of it, i stepped out and let him go around the field a few times by himself, and spot on he was with his driving. A couple of years on and he is still addicted to M.V's, i dont think he cares to much about vehicle history.

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I must say that the Fox has created quite a stir and when the local vehicles go out, they in turn cause a flutter as well ( even my landie as that is done out as a British vehicle, camo and all):D

Military vehicles are a rarity in themselves down here, it is very good and marvellous to take them into schools and see the joy on the kids faces! :cry: Being the only "living" military historian within bulls roar within the state makes it even more rewardfing for me.



PS Sadly being at the bottom of the world :shocked: quite literally our kiddies never get see vehicles like Saracens, Ferrets or Centurions which makes it all the more worthwile working to get these into the country and the state.

Cheers again

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