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white clouds of smoke...


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signalled the end of militaryodyssey for me - were not sure what happenwd yet but whilst driving down to odyssey we noticed a very loud humming noise coming fri

the engine bay this was the followed by clouds of white smoke or steam coming out of the engine bay - on later inspection it looks like the water pump belt has also come off plus the coolant system has a bad leak :(


the good news that was the last show i was going to do apart from lee's end of season bash - maybe be able to get it sorted by then


anyway i had a good season with the Fox - he'll be back ;)

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Don't sound good mate.. at least when you get it into the unit you can get everything sorted ready for next season..


indeed - at least ive now got a transpoter thars cheap so ill arrange to bring him up soon - i knew it was a risk running it this year without overhauling first but war and peace was one if the best times uve ever had so im not regretting it one bit ;)

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sounds alot like us although the m20 wasnt closed at all we pulled off into the grass on the hard shoulder


i forgot to collect the empty extinguishers as well but hey ho better than losing the fox altogether ;)

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