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Hi from JIM


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Hi all members of HMVF

Im Richard James garratt from stoke golding warks UK . although ive been into vintage shows for some 30 years with old tractors, currently a Field marshall 1 (if that means any thing to you guys :D) ive always been intrested in the historic military kit . Last year i were lucky enough to exibit at the victory show (cosby) and that was it!!!! had to get somthing military :D sooo it has now come about that me and brother Bram have brought a GMC of 1943 vintage which is basicley sound and will be restored over this winter (still got some loacal shows weve booked it in for before starting):-) so bye for now and cheers to you all

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Hi Jim,


welcome to this happy place!


Did you take your Field Marshall to this years Belvoir Castle Rally? I have never seen so many FM's, Lanz's and other 1 lungers gathered in one place, it made the ground shake a bit!!



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Welcome to The Forum Jim . Loved Field Marshalls since my early days of rallying when I had the pleasure and priviledge of looking after a friends Series 1 contractors version . Would still love to have one one day . Enjoy your time here , plenty of other tractor owners and enthusiasts here .

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