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Yes , I found out some answers about the different helmets , the metal helmet belonged to a "French Dragoon" , is in a remarkably good state of conservation , has been kept very well ,dry stored in a box , the model dates from 1874 , but was still in use in WW 1 ---- The French Dragoons fought in a battle in our neighborhood , possible the helmet was left behind , as there has only been stamped 1 registration nr at the back of the helmet ( re-issue shows by several stamps in the helmet shell) The liner has suffered from being kept too dry---cracked

the black horse tail needs to be changed


The 2 German spiked helmets belonged to a Prussian infantry regiment , model 1915 , with removable metal spike , 1 is in perfect condition , perfect liner the other has suffered from battle damage at the outer shell , inner liner totally ruined , both helmets are missing the cocardes and leather chinstraps , both are infantry trooper helmets ,

helmets were probably left behind at the end of WW 1 , as the German troopers often asked for civilian clothes , to escape captivity and repression on their way back home


about the British helmet , nothing found out yet , but research is going on

This sure is the most impressive discovery ever shown to me , found in my neighborhood , it prooves that treasures sill can be found,

about 2 years ago , a farmer came to my , after discovering a German mauser Gewehr 98 with its bayonet , dating from WW 1 , and found at the same area, perhaps more stuff is hidden here !!! Let's hope !!

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