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Hello all from Suffolk


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Hi All


My name is Iain and my background is Amateur Radio and I have owned various ex-military sets since an R1155 in the 1980s - I now have a Clansman RT321/322 base station and a RT320 for portable use.


I have been a telecommunications engineer for most of my working life but I grew up on a farm in the far north of Scotland so 4WD and heavy vehicles are not new to me.


I am located in South Suffolk between Ipswich and Colchester.


I joined the forum because I am in the process of refurbishing a French Simca Marmon MH600 (SUMB) as a radio truck to allow me to take the RT322 into the field.


My radio and military vehicle web site is http://www.g0ozs.org/clansman and the SUMB pages will follow shortly ! In the meantime a gallery of the vehicle as I found it is at: http://http://www.g0ozs.org/marmon/2010-03/



73 de G0OZS

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Welcome Iain to the forum. May well be calling for your advice on Clansman. Just finished installing 321 in my airportable, just want it to look correct, although at W&P traders had them set up recieving. Myself and mate kitting out two Landies and sig. display.


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