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Guys, having just driven my M3 20 miles tonight, I noticed that the passenger side drive axle hub is very hot, almost certainly brake bind, niether other side, nor the front axle wheels are hot.


So, without stripping the whole unit down, do you think I could just back off the concenteric ajusters? and if I do what direction do I turn them, Its not as if I can just 'spin' the hub to check !


Any help would be great



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Maybe the tube going to the brakecilinder is at fault.

It lets the fluid be forced to the wheelcilinder under pressure but the returnsprings of the brakeshous aren't strong enough to push it back.


So it may be a disintegrating tube.

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Hi Jules,


I know nothing about M3s, but by extension from other vehicles I'd say just backing off the adjustment is unlikely to sort the problem out unless you suspect it was over-adjusted in the first place.


I'd say normally when otherwise correctly set up brakes begin to bind, there's a hydraulic fault - sticking or corroded wheel cylinders, brake hose collapsing internally as Enigma says, or similar.


Backing the adjustment off works as a get you home, but if there's another fault the brakes work their way on again and you're back at square one. Think you've got to strip and check it, I'm afraid!

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