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North Wales MVT Show 20/6/2010

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Hello all.

weather was great at last, fourth time lucky, on the whole the show was good and very large numbers of people came, the most yet by far, the show was very buisy on both days, I bet the stall holders went home with empty vans, heavy pockets and big smiles, though the numbers of exhibitors was disapointing compared to last year, it was unfortunate that it had apparantley clashed with another event not that far away.This venue is particularly good in that it has good and easy access to all types of vehicles and other exhibits, and is less than an hour from the Manchester area, also when it does rain the field drains constantly and doesn't get very muddy as the whole area sits on gravel, also the site is big so offers lot of possibilities for re enactors, and those wanting to set up dioramas etc, the saturday evening was a success with good entertainment laid on, the bring your own beer etc idea turned out to be a popular one, it was felt that exhibitors would prefer this due to the bar prices at events like this being so high,there were a few lost souls staggering around aimlessly in the small hours of the morning looking for home!, It is hoped that next year more exhibitors will put this show in their diaries, because the interest from the public is certainly there as was found this year.

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