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Refilling a SUIT Trilux - is this possible?


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I've had a quick search and I don't think this question has been asked here before... Is it possible to reactivate an expired SUIT Trilux sight at all? I suspect that putting more gas in is impossible, but I recall seeing somewhere that potentially you can use an LED instead. Any thoughts? Cheers, Mike

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If you're going to take it apart, at the very least do it outside with a respirator on and your Geiger counter handy...


Drill for SUSAT was 'if you drop one, open the windows and evacuate for 1 hour' so wouldn't recommend it...:shocked:



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Trilux lights are tritium filled ( radioactive hydrogen) phosphor coated glass tubes.


They are filled under pressure and cannot be refilled.


The quantities in the tube are very small and would have decayed to 25% of the original strength by now anyway.


It would not give you much of a radioactive dose if broken, but obviously better to keep the tube intact as the radioactive part is the gas inside. Ventillation will disperse any gas if it were to break.


The type of radiation the gas emits is absorbed by the coating inside so its safe to hold the glass.


A lot of fire exit signs were made using these type of tubes and contained a lot more gas and these can be disposed of to a dustbin when finished with.


by the way a gieger counter would be useful in this case


I remember filling thousands of them up 25yrs ago. And I DON'T glow green !:-)

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I do remember at Malvan a couple of years ago a dealer in 'high tec'. sights etc. had Trilux sights that had been refurbed and converted to hold watch batteries, they were boxed and mint. I require one but the cost was beyond me as I also required a top rail for the SLR as well.

So it looks like it can be converted by folks who know what they are doing.


P.S. think about £320 was the cost if I remember correctly plus £80 for top rail!

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