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sankey tool trailer

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hi guys, im new to the forum and kind of new to the hobby.


im a builder by trade and the first thing i would like to collect is a sankey tool trailer, i have seen one for sale on mod sales and it looks really nice and practical with the top that lifts up and displays all the tools, just wondering if anyone had any photo's of a trailer full of tools all set up.


cheers craig

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I have had 2 of these trailers, and have looked at loads at Withams over the years. I have not yet seen one which has been released with any tools in it. The earlier ones were built as communication trailers, in various different configurations, in the early 70s.


When Larkspur radios were phased out of service they were passed to the RAF who turned them into Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) trailers. Each one was different depending on who had converted it and what for. I had one which was used for sheet metal repairs on Jaguars and was full of rivets etc, but no tools.


The ones which Withams have for sale at the moment date from the 90s, I suspect these were built in this configuration from new. Again you won't find one for sale with the tools in it, but most of the tools will probably be standard items. The ABDR trailers seem to have generally been kept inside and the one I sold recently was in excellent condition.


I hope this helps,



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Hi Guys,

I bought the one from witham.












I am looking for all kinds of documentation from this type of trailer. I have been told that these probably didn't have a separate handbook. But like I just said, everything on these trailers is useful to me.


Does anyone know what the flap on the side of the trailer was used for? Also what was the lockable glass thing on front used for? (with the 'not for use on public highways text).










Did they have a cover? (see pictures below, the straps to fasten a cover are there)

Are the covers still for sale somewhere?







In the post above you said they have been equipped with standard tools.. I thought the MOD had tools made just for them..?

Any idea where to obtain those tools?




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Hi everyone. I am also new and not sure whether to start a new link or jump on this one. My question is about the Sankey tool trailer:

I've bought one and would like to convert the hitch so I can tow it with a civilian towbar on a few different 4x4's (different people, one trailer). I was wondering if anyone has had experience of this and whether I can ignore the sticker on the back that says "not to be used on public highway, do not tow over 25mph".


I bought the trailer from Withams, its in very good condition and everything is in working order.


Any advice (including whether I should start a new thread) very much appreciated.



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The glass case on the front is a tool tag board. It should have little hooks for tool tallies. Each technician has his own number when booking out tools.


The metal flap could be a local modification, not sure on that one but sometimes they had them for storing pieces of metal for ABDR work.


I towed one of these for 300 miles once across the desert and it was a terrifying experience as it built up a nasty swing when loaded quickly. They were taken out of service due to serious instability issues which led to a few rolling over. I guess the top heavy layout didn't help.


The tools aren't particularly anything special. Tends to be a lot of metal working tools, rivets guns, air tools etc. You cam match them up or remove the foam and then cut out shadows for your own tools. One of the worst jobs in the world cutting out shadows for tools.


Yours looks to be an ex 33sqn RAF Puma trailer based at RAF Benson, a guy in my office is from 33 at Benson and is an airframe technician will ask him, he probably knows your particular trailer.


Hope that helps



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