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Export paperwork for a Dingo

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As this is an export of an MV, there are licencing issues to think about. The thread here is principally about temporary exports, but it has links to the relevant websites that will tell you about permanent exports of military equipment.




You may want to consider deciding at point you take ownership - in the UK, on the high seas, etc. - which will then determine who is exporting (you or the vendor) and who is importing at the other end (where no doubt all sorts of other regulations come into play).


Oh, this interview with Jacques Littlefield is illuminating in that he mentions subcontracting export/importing work to trusted people:


One agent that offers this service is Bob Fleming http://www.bobfleming.co.uk/broker.htm No doubt there are others. I've no idea what charges he makes and whether you would prefer to do-it-yourself.

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Just having checked up with DVLA for the 101. The person exporting the vehicle, you' or if sold the new owner fill in part 15 of the VL5. That along with a letter of explination, when sold and who to and that vehicle is to be permenatly exported, I'll include a copy of the bill of sale, to swansea. Job done.

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