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Greetings from U.S.!


I'm Micah Meyers, and I am an optical and fire control system researcher and enthusiast. I specialize in german items, but I am compiling large research archive of many nations from 1914 through 1945.


I assist militaria collectors and dealers (and restorers) with identification and valuing (up to a point) of found items and what weapon platform they went to and I am always looking for new and archaic information on anything that was looked through or operated to locate, observe, or fire upon a target.

I rely on primary source documentation, like period technical manuals and instructions, then photographic details that I then catalog, I'm hoping to write a book someday (someday:red:).


Please feel free to contact me if anyone needs help identifiying something. Just don't be surprised if I ask you to send some pictures of it, for my archive database! I especially like photos of the graticule/reticule, which often helps identify it's usage and intent.


Cheers to you!

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I'm sure your knowledge will benefit our members and hopefully you'll glean something from us...we're a friendly bunch, just don't take any custard creams without asking and watch for the dutch guys they're mad on Coke... & ice


Oh and good name by the way

Love the Les Paul... trying to summon up the courage to buy an LP of some sort... 2 small kids pretty much rule out a Gibson... I miss my Standard :cry:

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