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Alien, didn't we follow RTR Regt on the arms plot.


Bazz. We did follow 1RTR on the Arms Plot, but we followed "A" Squadron The Life Guards to UNFICYP (which is why we had to change all the signs from SCM to SSM and SQMC to SQMS) because everything didn't divide exactly.


ISTR 1RTR took the last Recce posting in Hong Kong and the posting was pulled from the Arms Plot just as we (B Sqn 15/19H) were intended to go. I was told at Catterick in late 75 by the late Major Simmonds that HK was on, but by the time we finished Omagh the following year it was off.


To the OP, I am quite sure the vehicle I quoted (01CA69?) was the troop sergeant's FSC 4 Tp, B Sqn, 15/19H, UNFICYP Force Reserve Squadron September 1976 - March 1977 (and it would have been handed over / taken over by successive squadrons). I can name the crew but I have to consider their PerSec.


(Bazz, it was Jock McK and Ted C)



I go back and realise my memory of the number was wrong. I remember 01CA69 but it isn't on your list. Sorry)

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