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MOT for James ML

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Hi there,


I own a 1944 James ML 125 cc Motorbike.

It still retains i'ts original registration since 1948.

It is not classified as non-transferrable.

I want to flog the registration number (ends with 100) so I can bring it back to, and register it in holland, but I understand i need to have it MOT'd first before I can transfer the registration onto another (MOT'd) vehicle. Is this true? and do I need to get a whole MOT just like on a modern bike, or are there exceptions?

Can anyone help me out? In Holland it would only need a simple type-approval (lights, brakes, tyres).


Best wishes,


Maarten van Vugt

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I think a brakelight is a must even though one was not originally fitted but is quite simple to fit ,universal brake light switch on the rear brake rod and a small after market light of some sort mounted on a rear mud guard bolt,probably the best place to ask these questions would be the bsa wdm20 forum which despite its name covers all ww2 British bikes and you should be ok as it is run by a country man of yours.A v5 document is simply the british registration paper


hope this helps



ps the brakelight only needs to work on the rear brake

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You will certainly need an operative brakelight for a MOT unless you strip out all the lights and declare it as daytime use only (hand signals then apply). In any case it really would only take half an hour to rig up a working stop lamp - A switch working on the rear brake rod connected up to a battery hidden in the toolbox and problem solved. However I think that you may also have to rig up a speedometer as well, seeing as it became compulsory on all motorcycles built from January 1st 1939. There might have been a dispensation for smaller engined bikes but I doubt it seeing as Bantam D1's had speedometers from the word go.

I would think that one of those cheapo bicycle speedometers would do the trick though :)

By the way, congratulations on your purchase. and let us see some photographs please!!

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