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Yellow Churchill - Circa 1991 at Bovington


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That was the first time I visted, I was about 12 :-) As such I can't be held accountable for my actions.... can I?

Just over the road was a small compound with a number of AFVs in rather bad shape, after climbing all over the tatty M4A1 76 that was next to the car park I ventured over to the compound and came back with little bit of Churchill. It was part of one of the track guard ribs, rather corroded and with a little yellow paint. My memory isn't too good on what exactly is was, but I'm sure it was yellow and had a 'cab' sitting on top of it. Any idea what kind of post-war mod it could have been? That little bit was cleaned, painted olive green from my humbrol paints and sat in my bedroom for years :-) Infact I think it moved house with me, could be a good oman!

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I'll have to pass on whether the Churchill Dynometer is still in the Bovington collection, John will surely know if it is still there.

No that Churchill has gone, went for restoration though, not for scrap/target. It must have been the last square door hulled one earning a living.

Bovy had two of these things, the Churchill and a Caernarvon. That had been the worlds first tank with a jet engine (engine on show in Museum) and it was later fitted with a large deisel engine, I think to give a variable hydraulic 'back load' when being towed and a back wheel to measure speed and distance towed. That had a superstructure on it like the Churchill and later had a second storey added to act as the commentry box. It was called the Yellow Peril for years, even though it was painted green as soon as it started being used for the commentary point. It is now retired, the commentary point now being on top of the tower added when the Museum was extended last year.

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