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An argument solved after 10 years!

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I remember an early memory of a summer holiday afternoon out. It was at the beach. Sun,cliffs and the usual mid 1980's holiday makers.

It was hot and the ice creams had been handed out. I was with my Brother and exploring,I must have been quite young as I was smaller than him.( he is about 5.7 the short arse and im 6'2 now!)

On this trip I remember being lifted into a Gun emplacement but could not get to the second floor but my Brother could! It was a square structure with two floors and an open front,with a few rooms.


This is where the argument came in! I asked my Mother of the memory and my memory location of Newhaven. She said no such thing happened and we never went there with my Brother. Also the evidence of the existance of this structure seems unlisted in every field I have explored from archive to museum.


Then! I stumbled across this picture by complete accident! Its Newhaven! 1970-80's (not my family) but it proves the location in my earliest memory is indeed not fantasy and make believe! but reality!


It was a seachlight bunker built in the 1940's and most probably demolished in the 80's


My mother now agrees she remembers the structure! but my Brother does not remember! but he is getting on a bit and his memory, like his hair is receding


hope you enjoy the before and after picture..



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Here's another one that a few members might remember , near Scarborough just south of Filey you've got Primrose Valley holiday park , next to the old Butlins ,upside down washed onto the beach is one or two concrete lookout posts



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