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Ok .. So I have boldly been where no man has ever been before ( well me actually) and stripped most of my gearbox on the ferret. I want to cure a slipping 1st and 2nd gear. After a frenzied dismantling (followed by short periods of puzzled inactivity) and some advice from Richard Farrant I have my gearbox stripped to the main sub - assemblies.


Have stripped it down to the brake bands..


Forgive my stupidity but...


Question 1 - Are the inner and outer linings the same . The parts list shows them as two different items (but is this because they come complete with the correct amount and size of rivets) ..? Each band uses different rivets but the actual lining looks identical. So would the parts list show two different part numbers because of the rivet content.


Question 2 - The linings I have have to be drilled and countersunk. The drilling is straightforward - but to countersink can I just use an normal drill which is the same size as the rivet head . (obviously i wouldn't want to drill too far in) .


1s gear is just worn beyond the range of adjustment - 2nd gear has just been very hot at some time and the band has broken down . The heat caused the meta part of the brake (inner) band to warp, forcing the lining to wear excessively and eventually allowing the rivet to contact the drum.


So I could do with and (inner) band - without friction material would be fine. Anybody got one ?


As I am a cheapskate my next option is to put straighten the offending band , reline it and fit it on 4th gear, and use the 4th gear band (which is hardly worn on 2nd gear


The rest of the box seems in good condition and well engineered -


Under 2 layers of paint on the box I found some stencilled letters in red paint - I was not sure what they meant and left it for a while. My dad who is ex REME read it straight away as " 2oth Command Workshops"


Mean anything to anyone ???

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Ive got new old stock forgot what I payed for them make me a good offer to take them out of my personal stock?



Thanks Laurence


Yours is the only response I received and since posting the problem a few days ago I have successfully (I hope) straightened the band and relined it - Box is almost back together now - am working on the brake band adjusters.


Thanks for the offer



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Have you been taking lots of pictures and good notes as you go? Others will be interested to know how it all goes, we have one CVRW and two Ferrets in the collection and my personal two Canadian Ferrets are justa round the corner. . . . . so I guess I will be doing this in the coming future.




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I got round the problem by straightening the band and relining it - Hopefully it only got hot because someone was riding the gear selector pedal and creating a "slip" situation, the end of the band could not absorb the heat generated and warped. The lining material was worn very thin at this point.


The most important thing to remember if tackling this job is that it is all very heavy - an engine crane is really useful, BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE MAIN BUSBAR SPRING - it is held down by a cover held by 6 bolts. You have to replace two of the bolts with some threaded rod and a couple of nuts to allow the tension to be release slowly, if you simply remove all 6 bolts you might lose your teeth or worse as they are not long enough to relieve all the spring tension. Follow the manual closely. And also remember the linings you are using to replace the old ones MAY contain asbestos or other nasties - so wear a mask when drilling.


Here are some pics - I have taken lots more so will keep them handy should anyone be interested.


I have loaded some into a webshots website and you can see some of them


Click this link to view.







FERRET 6.jpg














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Did you reline it yourself or have it done? What was used for the band material? Details if you please. Thank You. Bob




I bought the replacement bands off Banisters in the uk , (excellent service) They provided the bands and appropriate rivets. (The rivets are in several different lengths, due to the brake band being thicker and thinner in places requiring different length rivets. I de- riveted the bands , removed them and riveted the new ones on - its a slow process but do - able ! The finished band is sipposed to be machined "round" to a certain diameter - I dont have access to a bif emough lathe so will fit bands as is and allow them to wear to shape.


The auto adjusters are a work of art and I backed mine off and spent a happy 30 minutes operating the gear change lever on the box with a length of tube , happily watching them take up the slack! !


I have not done everything by the book , but bearing in mind the condition df some of the other parts on the vehicle, this is a good job. The rest of the gearbox looked in good condition, and a good clean out will have benefited it. SAFETY FIRST THOUGH - WATCH THE BUSBAR SPRING AND WEAR A MASK !!


bands 3.jpg

Bands 1.jpg

bands 2.jpg

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Many thanks for the pics I have something similar to to with my gearbox I haven't made any decisions about replacing the bands yet but its something that I will seriously consider doing now.


If its only the bands that are worn, I think that you could leave the transfer box assembly intact, as long as you have a strong crane. I took mine off because I followed the manual , but the manual goes on to do a complete strip down.


If its just the bands its less work. I was curious to see the condition of the gears etc , all look like new !


I was concerned about the forward / reverse setup but it is like new - so I replacing the bush in the bottom of the forward / reverse lever (a new bush cost me £1) - With a lot of the free play removed then hopefully the only problems I will have selecting reverse will be down to my technique !



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Hi Jim,


I've started stripping my box down and have cleaned out the transfer box and for the most part reassembled it. I'm waiting for a bearing to arrive before finishing the transfer box. I'm only part way through the gearbox side cold got the better off me today brrr.


I'll have to post some pics

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