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Thanks to all




Tony B

Private mw




If anybody needs translations of manuals from Russian or about russian vehicles - I'm ready to help, as I can. Send a message to PM, please.


I'm interested in good photos and manuals of Morris Commercial CS8 or PU.


This vehicle stands in the local shcool.

And I'm help to save it.

I don't know the history of this vehicle.

There is no numbers.



Regards Paul

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum!!

I have a CS8, as do several other members, plus a couple of later war C4s. You might find the Z number stamped on the front side of the passenger side chassis rail if it's an early CS8. First 2 numbers will be the year it was made, and the best part is that you can finish it with the original serial number, which is cool. I guess you know all this, but i thought i'd mention it.




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