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Nigel from Wellingborough


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Hi all

I'm new to your forum and own a 1969 VW 181. I've been into VWs since a I was a lad and always had an interest in military vehicles and equipment.







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Re-sized photo
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Hi Nigel I had one of those in the 80s while serving in BAOR even had the Danish rear stowage rack I regret ever selling it fond memorys of driving down the B1 with every thing down mine had been painted white. I named her called Thingy. before I had even heare of that nick name. I wish I could get another but they seem to go for silly money now

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Made a start today






Managed to do passenger side




And the rear




I'm quite pleased with the shade, it's quite close to the original.

I've only done 1 coat with a roller and brush and it's come up up ok. It's no show winner.....more like a 10 foot paint job :-D

Just the other side and the interior to finish now.

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at least it will be easy to take the doors off unlike the average vehicle .i was messing with my eberspacher heater the other day in the workshop at work to see if could get it to work. unfortunately as it looked like a bomb had german writing on it wires and was ticking all the other lads ran away before i fired it up. (chikens the lot of em.) (it works hurray) think the thermostat needs attention fantastic piece of kit if we get any more snow warms up everything before you even start the engine. sounds like a space heater.

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looks the biz nigel its amazing what results you can get with a roller.i once did a mk3 cortina in black and white to look like an american cop car for a show everyone thought i had sprayed it.i bought the book kubelwagens a history 1940's on and was chuffed to see my car in it (reprinted ad from car and classic i think)i had to do a double take to check the reg.some numpty had fitted air horns on top of the bonnet.(not there now) i might add.best of luck and thanks for the eberspacher link .happy trekking. mine will be a while yet.to be on the road.

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