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my outfit total nut and bolt .

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hi thought i would add apic of my bike bought it as a 200 wreck engine turned over easily. maybe too easily as one side had no piston rings at all and the barrel was split in two.did everything myself apart from the one job of making some small end bearings (old mg man did it for me) .will try and find a before picture somewhere in the archives it was metallic green and cream with pinstripes. i prefer it now it takes on a new persona as soon as you spray on that first coat of olive im sure many of you know what i mean.now on with the trekker only a few small jobs to finish ie floorpan engine the rust the hood etc etc etc etc etc etc.


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Hi not a bad looking bike , can't make my mind up if the sidecar is on the right side , friend of mine had to remove one from a Russian bike something to do with being on the wrong side

hello yes the sidecar is fitted on the right.this is legal if the vehicle is older than if memory serves me 1981 ish.its a very unknown law .if its later the sidecar must be fitted to the left hand side.unless its the 2 wheel drive version then you can get away with registering it as a motor tricycle.i bought the sidecar and frame seperately and had to convert it to be used on the right.a lot of chopping and refitting.also you will see a lot of these bikes with a sidecar on the left but the low cut out to get into the sidecar is on the wrong side.(the right)and there not much fun trying to kickstart.if the sidecars on the left.

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