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Sankey Trailer Registration

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Hi All :):),


I am the owner of a "Sankey" Trailer, in fact a FV2381 Mk3 made in 1995 by Universal Engineering, and, for me, it's a very nice trailer behind my landy.

Unfortunately, in France, we have to register this kind of trailer which have a payload over 500 Kgs.

I receive from the MoD the document with the history of this trailer and I have also the technical documents issued from tha MoD like the Operating Information, the Repair Instructions, the Illustrated Parts Catalogue.

I have also a document issued by DVLA saying there is not specific registration for these trailers in UK. I think you are lucky for that.

Unfortunately, I have not an official document with a description of the regulations applied for the connstruction this trailer. Who can supply ?

This trailer is too young to be registered as "historic vehicle".

Theorically, I have the possibility to declare this trailer as "new" and "home made" but, in this case, i have to replace the overrun damper (with manual reverse locking) by an automatic reverse and to found the specifications and the maker for the axle. It's a difficult way.

Have you some idea to solve this "adminstrative" problem ?

Do you know a supplier for an (second hand) overrun damper with automatic reverse system like on Parotow Trailers ?

I ask many times in England without any success at this moment.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind regards.



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Robin I think I have probably sent you the relevant AESPs a while back.


In days gone by such equipment would have been subject to a FVRDE Design Specification & I have about 100 of these that relate to vehicles & trailers of the 1950s-60s. These are no longer produced as the Fighting Vehicle Research & Development Establishment & its replacement the Military Vehicle Engineering Establishment no longer exist.


Documents that might help would perhaps be EMPS (Equipment Management Policy Statements) or EMPL (Equipment Management Policy Letters). They may touch on some design properties although they are principally about expected life, cost & use of the equipment. Again I have quite a lot of these but they are all a bit too early for your trailer.


What particular aspects of the design are of interest to your authorities? Because the tow arrangements, lighting, brakes etc would all have to conform to a Defence Standard (DEFSTAN) which in turn must conform to NATO Standards (STANAGS). You could have a hunt around here, although you can download some DEFSTANs you have to apply for STANAGS.




My MK3 was made by Reynolds Boughton & they were pretty hopeless at answering questions, they were unaware that they ever made such a trailer. But maybe the manufacturer of your trailer will be more helpful:



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Hello Clive and Richard,


Thanks a lot for your help.


I have to complete a form with a decription of all conponents of the trailer: maker, part reference and conformity with EC Regulations. For brakes, lights it's OK. But the problem is for the axle, the overrun damper and the frame. I send last year an E-mail to Universal Trailers but, unfortunately, without any success. I use the E-mail address on their web-site. Is there any department able to answer ?


Thanks again.



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