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10cwt trailer

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Anyone know anywhere i can get info on 10cwt trailers in use by the british army in ww2?


Hi , What sort of info are you looking for and what trailer types just the 2whld 10cwt lightweight series which includes the Airborne jeep trailers etc used in ww2 ? or are you interested in the manufacturers and census numbers etc they displayed ?? cheers:coffee:

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Thanks for the replys. I don't seem to be able to access the mapleleaf forum for some reason.


I've recently bought a hotchkiss/willys jeep and want to show it as a british jeep and I want a trailer to go with it. I've looked around but cann't find one so in the mean time I thought I could adapt a Sankey Narrow trailer base I got of a fellow forum member and is now stripped down..


So any information as to where to find one, or pics/diagrams etc would be welcome.

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Managed to get onto mapleleaf forum. Got some good info there. More than enough to make a reasonable conversion out of my sankey. chassis is about the right size, and although the towbar will look more like a Belgian trailer.


Strange how so few brits want a british trailer to go with their MV.


thanks for all the help guys.

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