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Ferret Pack removal

robin craig

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Well its kind of like the manual says, installation is the reverse of removal.


Yes we had problems with the fuel system that triggered the decision to take things apart. Once we started getting in we found that the prep work supposedly done by the UK seller was less than perfect as suspected.


We found all kinds of gremlins and crud and decided that we had the vehicle apart far enought that we would remove the pack and try to do the best we could which is what should have been done in the first place.


The fuel tank had crud in it and also the screen in the carb was also on the way to being clogged.


The tank was sent out for cleaning and a new lining applied. The fuel pump was rebuilt and electronic ignition fitted.


The rad was presure tested and all the hoses replaced and the engine was cleaned down and repainted, the plugs were replaced and all the fluids were replaced.


We proved that the right rear bevel box was defective at the connection to the prop shaft so we swapped that out for an NOS unit from our stores and kept the old one for rebuild.


All the fluids in all the cavities except the brake fluid were changed. The vehicle was given a thorough greasing and nipples cleaned where required.


Given we have a 40 by 40 shop that is heated we had no worries in bringing in our Bedford with crane and venting the exhaust outside and doing the work in the warm.


Infact this project was started one winter and finished the next as we have many other things to do on the property, the MV collection is a luxury of time in the ork year calendar.


We built a rolling frame for the pack on which it stood for all the work except when the rad was off.


The only issue we had was the sealing washers on the banjo bolts at the bottom of the tank, which even though were new leaked. We had to do the job of the washers twice but it was minor.


The fuel filter was filled on assembly and with minimal cranking time the engine came to life with that wonderful Rolls sound that we all know.


A very satisfying job.


You might note that the engine lifting frame, which we made in the shop ourselves using substitute materials but the same dimensions as in the manual.


From the raised operators position on the Bedford I had a really good vantage point while my co worker eased and guided the pack in and out.





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