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Jerry cans


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Hi Jack


I know exactly what you mean! I have several US cans dated between 41-44,some are water,some gas.once you get into it Jerry cans are a vast subject in their own right.I finally found a 41 Wheeling this summer 8)



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Behind a small garage on the Tomb of the kings road in Cyprus a couple of years back was a pile of 10 Wermacht stamped Jerry cans.Paint was faded but no corosion, they were great. :D

Airline wouldn't accept them as luggage : :cry:

Quite probably still there, seing as how they had maybe been there for 60 years before that.



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There it is, I found it.


This linkk is to a superb site, you will spend hours on it, I do/did :oops: This should also help answer Lloyds question as well (look at the ladies carrying fuel from the C47).


Have a look at the top navigation bar on this site, should keep you busy...see you in about a week!



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Great site Jack for the humble..."jerrycan" and a valuable source of info......so dare we speculate then that


US vehicles used more British type cans on them than US type ones as the pictures bear this out......


a theory then that comabt vehicles used Brit types as there was less spillage....whereas depot rear echelon or airbase static vehicles used US cans where the fuel situation would not be so critical.


Something to ponder perhaps ........????.............. 8)





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A load of hot Jerry cans ?



French Caption

Un GMC cabine ouverte avec remorque 1t Ben Hur rempli de jerrycans (certainement vides) a été touché lors d'un bombardement ou une attaque aérienne (tir ami ?)

L'impact a provoqué un incendie, les pneus brulent, dans la fumée l'arrière de la cabine du camion.

Les jerrycans sont gonflés par la dilatation des vapeurs d'essence due à la chaleur dégagée par l'incendie




Was a GMC open cabin with trailer 1t Ben Hur filled with jerrycans (certainly empty) touched at the time of a bombardment or an air attack (friendly shooting?) The impact caused a fire, the tires brulent, in smoke the back of the cabin of the truck. The jerrycans are inflated by the dilation of the gasoline fumes due to the heat released by the fire

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