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I find looking for vehicles on Milweb to be a mildy frustrating experience. Sometimes the vehicles on there are still listed long after they have sold and quite often you don't get a reply when you contact seller on the email address provided (no phone number).


Other than this site or Ebay are there other places on the Internet where MV's are put up for sale?

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I'm after the somewhat elusive combination of something that is cheap and pre-1960. There was a running £700 Bedford RL on Milweb. It sold instantly (but is still listed). There is another RL but the seller does not respond. I need a runner as I already have enough "projects".


I've agreed to buy a Praga V3S but it could be a long time before I get it and the condition is unknown so no saying how much work it will need. I would like something to cut my teeth on as driving a truck will be a new thing for me. I have had my eyes on a couple of SUMB but they are not all that popular so could be difficult to sell again.


Most of what I have seen listed here recently has been fairly exotic or expensive vehicles.

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