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  1. Is he German (or a permanent resident) and is the vehicle he uses to tow the trailer registered in Germany? If so then the trailer would need to be registered in Germany in my opinion. Where it is insured is probably not so important as long as the insurance provides cover in Germany.
  2. Very nice Munga8 on Ebay failed to reach its reserve. Ended at £1773 (Ebay 330698808152). Of course I can only speculate about the reserve but if it had been listed after my payday I would have been very tempted to offer a bit more than that.
  3. I already have a vehicle in Dunstable but as mentioned it is full there and I could use another space or two. I guess finding something affordable is a major issue? If you decide to go that route please get in touch. I think it is a case of "build it and they will come". I'm sure there is a demand for storage.
  4. Not insured - haven't had time to sort out that yet. Not sure anyone will ensure a council garage anyway these days. Police told me break-ins are on the rise. A fine welcome back....
  5. This morning I found out my garage had been broken into. £900 worth of equipment stolen; welder, tool cabinets with hand tools, 2 x gensets, pressure washer etc. One of the gensets is a bit unusual and could be ex-military so I thought it may be worth posting a couple of pictures here in case it pops up at a sale somewhere.
  6. After a lot of searching via Google I still haven't been able to find a UK supplier of the tyres I need. I'm after some 12.5R20 (335/80R20) tyres. Conti, Dunlop and Mitas make them. Perhaps the dealers that would have these tyres don't do Internet?
  7. And it's back :-) After a stint in Germany I'm moving back to the UK and I have bought the Uaz 452 I sold last year.
  8. I used to own this Praga and often miss it. Fun to drive if you can live with the slow speed. Once took it through Aylesbury and then Reading. Hard work with no PAS - made me sweat a bit even though it was in the middle of winter. I only sold it because I could not use it as a camper (I only have a cat B license so could only drive it unladen).
  9. The factory in Gorki was founded by Ford in the 30's so it's no surprise that the engine looks like a Ford engine.
  10. I wouldn't put any trust in Pa-Ko's mechanical skills if I were you. I know a good mechanic in Poznan if you still plan to drive back to the UK.
  11. Mine has been sold and was collected today. A sad moment but it was worth it to get a WW2 truck (and I've bought a Morris Minor to dull the pain).
  12. It is currently fitted out as a camper with sink, stove and bed. However since I only have a cat B license I can't drive it laden so can't use it as a camper. I have a caravan for that anyway. It does not have the original engine but is fitted with a later Chevy engine. To make things fit it has Land Rover clutch master and slave cylinders and uses electric fans. It needs some TLC but it starts and runs OK. I have only found very few discussions about CMP's here - possibly because it is not possible to search for "CMP".
  13. I have just acquired this 1945 C15A which has the box from a K9 on the back. Does anyone know if this would have been mounted by the military or if it is an addition it has acquired later on in its life? I like canvas so would like to convert it to a GS body but chances of finding one are probably very small.
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