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Churchill was bullied into D-Day.


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But Roosevelt's belief was that the day of empire was done. He co-operated with Churchill's nation in order to defeat Hitler. Thereafter, he proposed to reshape the world in accordance with American concepts of morality.

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Yes and the way that the American government humiliated us and the French over the Suez campaign is further proof of this policy.

I often wonder if this was part of the reason we refused to parcipitate in the Vietnam campaign.

It is ironic how our friends, who we had fought valiantly with shoulder to shoulder just a few years before in Korea could stab us in the back in such a callous manner.

The trade off for assistance in the second world war was the loss of empire.

I am pleased that this hostility has since dissipated,but these were dark times for Britain.

Maybe stronger leadership would have defied them but this could possibly have been described as brinkmanship.

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