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  1. HMVyank


    Oh my, glad to not see this particular vehicle in that poor pile. That’s a shame, could have been a good source for parts...
  2. HMVyank


    Clive, your thoughts sent me on a deep dive of internet photos. I noted the differences in the the unit for sale from the two main units of the GNR found in photos. B-53 aka the gate guardian is fitted with a blue light, early mirrors and and the siren was mounted to the rounded plate in front of the grill. B- 43 on your sight is found in the court yard of the museum and like the others has the early mirrors, blue light and correct spot light. While digging I came across this image: You’ll note the color, the window stickers, the lettering, the red light, square mirrors, the rear antenna and a similar incorrect spotlight with handle atop. You can also see the incorrect smoke tubes. This doesn’t look like a museum in Lisbon. Frankly it looks like a LR meet in the UK or Europe or by the state of the Range Rover and Disco 1 it might be a yard of a private owner...
  3. HMVyank


    Clive, Your knowledge on Shorlands is second to none and I hear you about keeping it original. From what I understand this unit my have been used until the early 90’s... I agree Having her in the GNR livery would be a sight to see, I am quite a fan of it in fact. I am curious as it’s been in a government museum for quite sometime, why it is the color it is, I am assuming that it’s the factory Olive Drab and that the Portuguese never painted it... actually you struck the nail on the head, I am torn when it comes to this unit as it looks in fair to good condition, but it is currently not running or driving, seller states all hoses and lines will need replacing, IE a complete mechanical overhaul. Invariably I will have to make some sort of comprise between authentic and modern replacement. The interior for instance right away will be an issue, as you have documented on your sight, Trakmark is no longer available in any form. I will have to use some type of heat and sound barrier followed by some sort of interior panelling using a modern material. I wish to show and drive her so, things commonly done to Series 3 Land Rover would make sense (Gearing, brakes engine mods). My thought was to fall somewhere between museum quality and resto~mod. Externally period correct but mechanically, modestly modernized. sorry I got a bit long in the tooth, I have a very rare, now 1 of 1 boat built in the 50’s and I have the exact same struggle with. I want to be faithful to unique history but I also wish to enjoy and use and enjoy my collection. thanks Winston
  4. HMVyank


    I am in negotiations to purchase this one. Here are some photos, love to hear your thoughts... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNGpIkNZIvxwobdN4Kt-KQ8P_n2VSpDo9scANilF653DAFwEq-tDWCwcx6K32o4Hg?key=bHBCUUlQNjdHNTlpMW0tS1c0TnVaMEF4VEoydDNn thx Winston
  5. Thank you Clive, that means a lot coming from you.
  6. Hey all, I am new to the world of international HMV trade. I have up till now bought only domestically available HMV. I have recently be on a APV kick. I am looking for any recent first had experiences with the two following business: AirBorne Garage in the Netherlands Khaki coprs imports in the US and UK (I believe) (i believe the owner is Pat) Thanks Winston
  7. Sadly I do not, these were before the days of digital cameras... my mother would have them somewhere in a scrap book.
  8. Hello all, as is proper protocol I am introducing myself. My name is Winston I currently reside in New Jersey, i recently sold a couple of soft skinned retired military vehicles to gather funds to buy my first piece of armor. I have an affinity towards Shorland Land Rovers and the their associated history in Ireland and the rest of the world. This all started back some 30+ years ago when my mother who was crazy and still is went out and brought home a Ferret armored car, she proceeded to paint it pink and put a giant flower emblem on it (bit of a hippy). She drove often for a bit but then quickly realized she couldn’t maintain it, don’t know what happen to it after that. we enough babbling.
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