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  1. Most of the fish were now so wised up to the rod and line trick that running them over was about the only remaining option.
  2. Sorry mate, that's just not good enough. We want a live webcam and some means for us to chip in unhelpful comments while your actually doing the job.
  3. Well, I really do think they look better than the later ones and making them would be no more than a few hours work with basic sheet metal working gear. Imagine the cost/difficulty of reproducing a pair of these with the formed, rounded outer edge pictured below. Anyway, it's up to Simon.
  4. Simon, I hadn't imagined the mudguards would be quite as corroded as your photographs have revealed. Just a thought, I wonder if you've considered making new mudguards of the very early, possibly prototype, pattern that are basically flat and relatively easy to make ? I think they look really nice and wouldn't be out of place on such an early example as your lorry is.
  5. Thank you, New Old Stock, "floor wearing strip", no wonder I couldn't remember what it was called.
  6. Sounds like a good plan to me. Thank you for posting further pix. The metal strips on floor have a special name that I can't remember at the moment but these strips were available a few years ago when I restored the body on my gun tractor and I expect they still are. I seem to think I ordered them though a normal steel stock holders. You maybe surprised how many lengths you need, it's more than you might expect. You're lucky, the body on your lorry still has the central storage compartment and presumably the seven seats for the gun crew. I've seen a few MK 1 gun tractors with all of this s
  7. Simon, I was wondering how you were getting on and it seems as though you've been very busy. It takes a lot of time and elbow grease to restore any lorry from the condition yours was in when the photographs on posts 110-112 were taken to how it looks now. I'm sure, as you say, there are still plenty of jobs left to do, there always are, but at least now that you've got a coat of paint on this AEC the restoration has passed a major milestone. In my opinion, the Militant gun tractor is one of the most handsome lorries ever built and with yours one being one of the very earliest, and most origina
  8. That's a really nice looking bike Borderlord. I'm sure someone on the Bike's Ward of this Asylum will be able to help you out regarding the bits you need. Sadly, I'm old enough to remember Pride & Clark in London selling these BSA's in the 1960's for £25 each still new in wooden crates.
  9. Yeah, oh well, I'm sure you know what you're doing but it does sound very expensive. Maybe Zsa Zsa Gabor will be doing some of the work hence the cost. I suppose it's only £30 a week spread over two years. Or, if all 2,398 forum members chipped in £1.25 each in return for having a go of the Antar when it's fixed, that would raise the £3,000 but at the end of 2,398 nutters driving around in your Antar it you'd probably be back needing another new clutch.
  10. That's more like it ! Brilliant pictures abn deuce.
  11. There must be photographs of the kind you're requesting around somewhere. Have you seen the cartons and wooden crates containing rations in abn deuce's post No.5 on the "Field Kitchen" thread in "Other Chatter" ?
  12. And what would the cost be for having this machining done for cash ? We are now coming up to the quietist time in what will be a very, very quiet year for machine shops. I really can't believe that there isn't a competent engineering company where all, or some of, these components could be made, via the back door, for cash and at a fraction of the +vat figure you have been quoted. £500 will buy an awful lot of machining if the 500 quid is going straight into some bloke's trouser pocket. There's a highly skilled machine shop just up road from me that, from my past experience, would probabl
  13. That looks nice. You can't beat doing a job properly. Looking forward to seeing a few more pix.
  14. Roland, how kind of you. I'm quite sure I won't be the only one to appreciate seeing these wonderful photographs of your really nice Militant. You, and your friends, certainly seem to have fun with it and and find plenty for it to do. I really like the 'photos with snow. Great pictures of an AEC in beautiful condition AND the only one in Germany. Fantastic.
  15. Thanks Antar, that's very thoughtful of you but I already have Bernie's 'phone number. Bernie and I didn't have much to chat about after he sold his Constructor.
  16. I think this photograph may have been taken in Marshall's yard not long after Antar had delivered the Scammell. Bernie was using his Militant MK 1 gun tractor to shunt the Constructor into position to enable a machine to lift it's body off. This would have been the body originally fitted to this Constructor and not the one Bernie later replaced it with. Does anyone know what happened to this body ?
  17. I have over twenty pages of technical data related to this AEC/FWD excavator but to post it all might be a bit too much information even for us lot. Here's some of the more interesting pages.
  18. Wonderful post ackack. Every home should have one of those super dooper steam powered bead breakers and as for that steering mechanism.....talk about keep it simple. It looks like there was a lot to go wrong with that system. For Les.
  19. That's Bernie, but I don't recognize the bloke standing behind him. Thanks for posting the picture. I remember that article in SO&EC very well !
  20. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380084082528&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123
  21. There is a photograph of this Constructor on Antar's (John Riley) post No. 361 when it was owned by Antar. Bernie Jones put this lorry back on the road in the condition you see it in the preceding posts and it is a credit to him. Apart from installing an ex Mountaineer Leyland diesel that came with it, Bernie fitted new tyres and extensively overhauled the mechanics of this lorry. I did have a set of photographs Bernie kindly gave me showing the whole sequence of removing the Meadows petrol engine and fitting the Leyland diesel. I think I must still have these 'photos somewhere so I'll have a
  22. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260315168706&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2Fitems%2F_W0QQ_sopZ10%3F_nkw%3D260315168706%26_sacat%3D0%26_fromfsb%3D%26_trksid%3Dm270.l1313%26_odkw%3Dpolytunnel%26_osacat%3D0%26_fvi%3D1
  23. You're absolutely right Younggun, it was Kidderminster. I know you can tell the location by studying the trees in the background of the photograph. It was an excellent event with a lot to see. Bernie had towed a WW11 anti-aircraft gun down from Manchester with the Scammell and although the AA gun had pride of place on the station forecourt, Bernie had to hide the Constructor out of sight round the back because it was post-war. Just for you Younggun, here are two more pix taken at the same time. PSU 439 is currently owned by a well known commercial recovery operator based in Kibworth.
  24. I and, I'm sure, others would be very interested to see a brief photographic tutorial of you using this tool if that is not too much to ask. I've no pressing need myself...a mate of mine sorted out all of my tyres and there's a commercial/agricultural tyre business right on the farm where I live but it's a job I may have to do myself someday. Thanks.
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