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  1. That’s very interesting. Thanks for the information. Any way of knowing if the Plant Record Book still exists ? Failing that I guess I may hope someone on here recognises it .
  2. Yes it’s running well . We made a new jaw and toggle plate for it . Now if I could find out it’s history I would be happy .,
  3. I will drop them an email . Any reference sources available to track down the true origin of the symbols stamped into the I D badge ?
  4. Was there a particular stamp on lend lease equipment ?
  5. I have a Buffalo Springfield Roller . Built 1938/9 . I suspect it may have came to England to help with the war effort rolling runways etc . Any thoughts on how I might track down it’s history ? I’m posting a few photos . I have circled some symbols and numbers stamped into the I D plate on it . Would anyone know if they are military? Thanks in advance !!
  6. I have rebuilt the engine . It’s now running well . The crusher is missing it’s swing jaw . I intend to fabricate one from a sandwich of 25 mm plate .
  7. It had a trommel fitted. We removed it for transport and we don’t intend to refit it .
  8. This is a Goodwin Barbsy. It’s fairly small . Lister 3 cylinder engine fitted .
  9. Thanks for that . What is the W.D. Number referring to ?
  10. Hi . My first post . I have recently bought an oldish ex army ( I believe ) stone crusher . I’m looking to date it and see if I can find any of its history. I’m new to military stuff but I’ve restored a lot of vintage machinery. I have 2 pieces of information. One is the reg plate : 02 CP 69 The other is another plate that says Registered W.D. Number CUS / 702495 Can anyone help with any information or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance . Dave
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