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  1. Well now im making a front towing bracket for the Eager Beaver - this should allow me to shunt trailers about easily and more accurately than having them at the back end of the EB ! all parts cut and ready to weld up this stay at home saturday.
  2. Ok, So anyone have any tips on how to reverse one of these behind an Eager Beaver ?
  3. Hi All, I am seeking any information, particularly the weight, of the 5 ton , 'air portable' trailer that was used with the Eager Beaver. I believe these were made by Brockhouse & Co, West Bromwich. They have brakes on only the rear axle - whats the view on the legality of towing on the road behind an Eager Beaver? ( as if one would be brave enough!!) Many thanks Dave
  4. When are we starting an owners club for EB owners and those interested ?
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