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  1. Hi guys anyone have any idea What grade of oils I need for an original engine simca. Any idea how many litres is needed to drain and refill. Also where The best place is to get the correct amount to do an oil change. I have a new filter Ready to go on. I’m also after the pioneer rack that goes over the air tank. With or without tools. Cheers
  2. Hi what vehicle is that off of any ideas?? I may be interested what sort of money would u be after? I’m guessing I would need it delivered. Where are you based im kent about 30mins from the hop farm (war and peace site) cheers
  3. Thank you is that the same simca that I have and I think you have too? I desperately need 2 front windows for mine as I can’t seem to find rubber seals that’s close and there a little rotten. Also I’m after a pioneer rack with or without any tools. Any 1 no of any for sale in the uk. Preferably in the south east (kent) and not stupid money.
  4. Hi I don’t surpose anyone know where’re get window rubbers from. Or even what the type is called for my front windscreens. I have a simca Marmon sumb with very cracked and past it seals. I have tried my local kit car company and there catalogs didn’t have anything similar. I can’t seem to find online either. Any help would be great. I may even think about replacing the hole window if anyone knows of 2 good condition ones for sale. Cheers guys.
  5. I have tried looking on the links you you recommended. Although I must admit the language barrier is really not helping me lol!
  6. Your simca sounds exactly like mine according to the log book a 59. I also bought mine from r & r. That would be good if you you could send me any info on them.
  7. Hello thank you for your reply. I have now bought one. Do you own a simca robin33ba07? The one i bought has recently been re painted so all it’s original markings have long gone. Does anyone one know what stencils or insignia it should have on it?? It’s hard to find these vehicles pictured closeup online. I seem to want to do the complete opposite to most people and turn it from a shoot wagon back to a military spec vehicle! Cheers for any help
  8. Hello I’m looking to buy a 59 simca. I don’t really know much about them. Are there any websites I can look them up on. Are there any things I need to look for when viewing one. Are there any common faults with them that I should be aware of. Any advice or help would be appreciated thanks
  9. Hello I’m looking to buy a simca Marmon. Is there anything I need to look out for for when viewing it? Are there any common problems I should know about. Thank you guys
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