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  1. That’s what I’m thinking too. It would be very cool to see a colour photograph somewhere of the RAF model.
  2. Thanks blue cloud, I’d like to order a copy of your book soon. Where can I purchase one? Have you any plans to translate it into English? the RAF police Munga in the picture seems to be lighter in colour than the military police model. Do you know if they were RAF blue or green?
  3. Very interesting pictures here, does anyone know what colour the RAF Munga’s we’re painted? We’re they still in green or did the RAF paint them blue and yellow? Any colour pictures would be amazing! many thanks, Mike
  4. This is great thank you! Where abouts are you based? Would love to have a look and chat about how the engine and vehicle operate.
  5. Fantastic! Any chance you have a pic of the engine in the bay? Just so I can see which model Nissan it may have come from? I know you said it was possibly a Micra, which is my hope.
  6. No I haven’t but I’ve just bought a copy, I’m loving this forum!
  7. Ps did your Munga have the Nissan gearbox as well? Do you have any photos of the engine in situ?
  8. That’s very interesting because I’d only guessed that the Micra engine might fit only on size. Regrettably I’m doing this all on a shoestring so the idea of buying a MOT failed Micra on FB marketplace as a donor for £150 very much appeals to me. Thanks so much guys for this advice. Anyone else have some suggestions? cheers, Mike
  9. That’s a very interesting suggestion! Do you think it might fit the gearbox bell housing?
  10. Hi everyone, I’ve just become the proud owner of an Auto Union Munga project and wish to restore her to former glory status. That is at least, on the outside...because the engine is missing from the vehicle. So one of my requests is that we can cha about what engine might fit? I’ve got the gearbox etc, just no engine. I’m happy to take the gearbox out and fit a matching engine and gearbox from a donor car, and I’m not snobby as to what the donor is...ie Nissan Micra, I’m ok with that. The main thing is reliability and I’d like to be able to drive it around on the road, go to shows, days
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