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  1. I have read your so called drivel three times from the start till now, incredible work, great reading and pictures, keep up the great work Unbelievable project..
  2. Hope this is not too far of topic, but an interesting guidance article by the CAA regarding Aircraft restoration or replica, ---------------------------------------------------------- An early inspection from CAA design and airworthiness surveyors will allow us to make a decision on whether the aircraft will be an original or a replica. There is no set minimum amount of the original aircraft required to allow the project to be considered a restoration. However, there must be something recognisable from the aircraft for it to be classed as original, normally primary structure and gene
  3. Very confusing to show it SOLD, when in fact they are going to submit a provisional bid. So not sold at all yet---------- HA HO meant to watch the auction, many lots there gain provisional bids.
  4. Just checking my post to find last bid to be submitted at £14 K,------- Screenshot says SOLD, but maybe its not.?????????
  5. A Locomobile, taken at Sudbury Mammoth Rally some year ago, think it lives in Suffolk ------------------------------ open in new tab. PAULS TRIPS OUT 2082.mpg
  6. Sorry no idea, the above picture was given to me by a friend. There is another picture found on this forum of the Tilling's chassis and a little of the removed body in the background, as before location unknown.
  7. The body in the background, having been removed from the Tilling's chassis, location unknown
  8. Can you offer any history of the bus body, I think I recognise it, from many years ago, may be the one I recovered, from the Hogs Back, was behind a butchers, and was put on a Tilling's chassis. here in Colchester,
  9. More here scroll down to map.--https://www.military-airshows.co.uk/press19/daks-over-normandy-duxford.htm Not sure what the two lines are hope they are going down the middle, right over our heads at Great Horkesley, not easy to understand!
  10. Never seen or heard of such a thing that was supplied with the K2Y, but very happy to learn.
  11. My comment was in no way a criticism of the above restoration, just an observation, It remains a tough call to do it in the way it was done back in the day.
  12. This would have come of the production line Green, when camouflage paint was added, would that be applied to the inside of the cab, front axle etc, I think not, All K2Y Ambulances were green, and if painted sand, surely only surfaces visible to the enemy would receive attention, A big problem now when restoring such a vehicle is, you would to have to do the unthinkable and finish in green and then RUSH a coat of required camouflage colour, either brush or spray, no masking (perhaps a bit of card and a well painted hand if blowing it on) and that its. That's NOT something anyone could to
  13. Superb, although I did feel for you on the handle.
  14. Great stuff, looking forward to the video, well done guys.
  15. When i was fifteen i went to the regal cinema in the old kent road and watched ice cold in alex - Copy - Copy.pdf
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