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  1. Hi Ian, yes I was thinking of doing that and keep looking for an original set, Stuart Bray does repro sliding bars, the main difference as far as I can see is the original crank arms had a collar around the hole the rod fitted, I assume to help with increased pressure on the rod that would have been distributed on a pedal.
  2. Yes I do but will settle for reproductions for the time being, have seen the site, just wondered if the prices were the going rate.
  3. Ah, another mad impetuous fool, I hear you say. And yes I'm beginning to think so myself. Having had a good look at my recent purchase, can anybody help me out with pedals, a rear brake, handle bars and brake levers for the above please.
  4. This is a tentative enquiry if anyone has a Bedford MWC for sale now or in the near future. I have an Austin K2 ambulance which I've had for nearly 30 years so I'm not looking for a quick turnaround, but looking to provide a good home to the right vehicle, ideally complete and running but anything considered.
  5. The overall size sounds too wide for the K2 although the bore size is spot on for the Solex carb fitted to the later ambulances.
  6. Hi Bob, Thanks for the comment, yes the larger on does look like it would be at home on a big American unit, the other is the right shape for my K2 just the wrong outlet size. Cheers Tim
  7. Can anyone help me identify these two oil bath air filters. The larger one is stamped AC on the lid, approx 9 1/2" across with approx 2 1/4" outlet and the other is an AC type, 8" across with an approx 2 1/8 outlet. This was fitted to my K2 and has had the outlet bent outwards to accommodate the larger bore but is repairable.
  8. Thanks for the imput guys, there is a good site by some airbourne chaps with lots of photos of complete panniers and the different types, my thought is it's a Field Medical pannier. If I can find the photo I'll post it. Cheers Tim
  9. I saw a post on a Great War forum about the type of pannier in ambulances (horse drawn), and having seen the photo of the production line in WW2 I assumed the practice continued. I remember talking to a K2 owner some years ago who had a list of equipment the K2 came with, leg splint etc but he seemed reluctant to pass it on. Regards Tim
  10. Bit of a long shot, does anyone know the type of RAMC wicker pannier that was supplied with the Austin K2 Ambulance? I have seen a picture on the net of the ambulance bodies being fitted and one of the workers is stood on the pannier but can I find it again!!!!! regards, Tim
  11. Yes I converted the sizes to the new fangled metric, I initially looked at suspension bushes but most companies only do bonded types so I've been concentrating on plain rubber bush suppliers. What I can't seen to get an answer on is how oversize does the bush have to be as it strikes me there must be some over/under sizing to give enough resistance when the thing is assembled. I can get some metric size that are close but require drilling out and shortening. I'm sure other restorers must have had a similar problem or is it just Austins. My quote should be "Wish I'd got a Bedford!"
  12. Can anyone help me with a supplier of rubber bushes. I had the rear set of link arms between the dampers and axle done a couple of years ago by an engineering firm but I have since realised they over drilled the internal dia and the lugs have worked their way out! I have started ringing round companies on the net but I'm getting a little disheartened by their general lack of interest, understanding or both. The sizes are external 1 1/2"x internal 1"x depth 1 3/4".
  13. Hi folks, I'm looking for a rear axle rope sling plate for Austin K2, as pictured, also one to fit the offside front. Fingers crossed, Tim
  14. I found this in a box of spares at the back of my shed, anyone any idea what it's off? It's about 4 1/2" dia, 3" high and the outlet is just over 1 3/4". My first thought is early Austin with the Zenith carb.
  15. Thanks for the info, I'll give that a try, Cheers, Tim
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