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  1. hi , i am on the look for spares for a Onan w3m generator , cylinder head , and gasket and rad cap , and any other parts that may be available , any help on these would gladly be appreciated, best regards Pete
  2. hi , where in Northamptonshire did you see it please , regards Peter
  3. hi , can give it a go to see if it fits , any cable would be a help please ,cost plus p/p thanks Richard
  4. hi Richard , thanks for you response, bin checking it out i think it`s a No45 power supply i do not know who makes it, the input on the receiver looks like a fine thread , i will get the out side diameter and the thread pitch in the next few days , many thanks for your help , Pete
  5. looking for a power supply and leads to run a military R 216 thank you
  6. hi , i`m sure it`s call checker plate , i have used it on walkways in engineering . hope this helps you
  7. hello back again , could anyone give the info of the brass plate that is or was located on the passenger side of the footwell in the engine bay as mine is missing , i understand it gave the engine number and chassis number but not to sure as i was give the information by some person, a photo of one would great that would give me the size and what it looks like , thank you Pete ps , and where would obtain one , Pete
  8. thank you for your for all the information over the last few days , will give them call sometime tomorrow Richard , best regards peter
  9. hello , has anyone found anyone that can supply this Khaki Green g3 paint , looking for about two to three lts , to paint my OYD , thank you Peter
  10. thank you Richard , it is very difficult to really say what green it is but that was the nearest i could get to it , under that it was bear metal, the other that has thrown me it has only the large speedo gauge and a smaller round amp meter , oil pressure, and water temp gauge with the round switch panel, where i have seen in most of oyd two large gauges one being speedo and the other containing oil pressure and amp meter , i wonder what you views are on this , pete
  11. hi , i wonder it someone could help , would like know the colour paint used on a 1939 bedford oyd , removing some paint today i found a colour of paint under the nato green like a all most deep bronze green , what the colour would have been used on B E F at Dunkirk or just after , thank you in advance, Peter
  12. i wonder if anyone could help , i`m looking for amy information of pictures of the inside of a fuel laboratory Bedford oy , that was used in ww2 in the desert with the 8th army , i have photos of the outside which was taken at the time by my late father in law who drove it , would like to recreate one and also use the number on the drives door in his memory , thank you
  13. hi , folks , looking for very good 10.5 x 16 to fit an Bedford oy ,can any one help , thank you Peter
  14. hi , is the wheel and tyre still up for grabs , thanks Pete
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