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  1. Anyone know where I can get hold of one? Cheers, C.
  2. Anyone know where I can get hold of one? Cheers, C.
  3. Hi Folks, Can anyone tell me what the engine I.D. is on a K9? I'm told it's a rolls royce b6? Been pouring over the workshop manual and parts list but there's no mention of what the engine is actually called. Any ideas? Thanks, C.
  4. Hi Folks, Ok, so my K9 engine has lost compression on two cylinders ( last Thursday morning!), so it looks like engine out time. Having had some issues with the original petrol engine this year, not least the cost of fuel, I'm toying with the idea of fitting a diesel unit rather than spending more time and money on the original. Has anyone fitted a diesel unit to their K9 and if so what did you fit? What issues did you encounter? I have a '67 Morris WF fitted with a BMC 5.1 that I could swap into the K9 but would it run really slow ( WF does 48mph) if the diff ratio is different? A friend has fitted a Cummins 6bt into his, which would be a monster. Any ideas?? Cheers, C.
  5. Hi Folks, Sorry, me again..... Head's back on and cylinders reading 135-140 psi, is that about right? Anyone got recommended figures? Cheers, C.
  6. Hi Folks, I've just seen one of the rear engine mounts on my K9 is badly perished. Can anyone point me in the direction of a new one or suggest an alternative? Cheers, C.
  7. Hi Folks, What's the torque settings for head nuts on a K9? Can't find it in my manual? Cheers, C.
  8. Hi Folks, My head gasket has blown, on the A47 near Norwich. I've got a replacement on the way. The K9 is back at base but I've got to get the head off and fix it up asap. Without access to a hoist how would you go about lifting the head? Any tips n tricks greatly appreciated! Cheers, C.
  9. Thanks PT, Mine's the radio box. I've been running it at around 50 psi front and rear, Last time I had a new inner tube fitted the guy said 50 was a bit low and said the split rims might come off! I get alot of vibration, juddering at around 40mph, flattens out at 50mph. I'll try letting some air out then. Cheers C.
  10. K9 tyre pressures, what do you run yours on?
  11. Hi folks, Does anyone know if there's a modern wheel that will fit the K9? My old split rims are badly egg shaped, the drive is pretty bad. Any ideas? Cheers C.
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