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  1. I drink to me it nicely:beer::beer::beer:
  2. here's a small movie;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UbDWylp1F8
  3. Hello, I'm not going to restore it. I have enough to do with my sdkfz 7. greetings udo
  4. that was the remainder. Now has a new at home :D:D
  5. yes at a small village in the garden. next week I get even more parts.:D
  6. chain links sdkfz 11 or sdkfz 251 in good condition. total of 57 parts.The chain links can be moved all.
  7. This week I got a steering gear. I am looking for a transmission housing. who has to sell one? greetings udo
  8. I also think that the repairs were made after 1945. I will the mudguard but let in this condition. Sorry my bad english
  9. new parts. Mudguards and a few ground findings
  10. http://www.asphm.com/projets/projet_panzerkampfwagen_IV_Ausf_J/projet_panzerkampfwagen_IV_Ausf_J.php
  11. hello new parts arrived, I am very happy
  12. thank you for the flowers:-D at a test drive:-D
  13. Fascinating. Like a huge model kit! Yes it is;-)
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