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  1. Hi, not certain yet . One is a real honest one the other has been butchered
  2. After acquiring two FV1103 this is a record of the trials and tribulations of restoring one of these Behemoths. This is how they arrived with me
  3. Has anyone seen one of the above for sale or could recommend a source. Got the tractor would like the gun lol
  4. Hi All, does anyone have one of the above mandrels that i can either purchase or borrow. I am prepared to pay carriage in both directions.
  5. Thanks, I have now found a company at Cleakheaton who will machine the flywheel and intermediate plate, remove the centres from the plates and rebuild with new plates and friction material and renew the springs in the intermediate plate.
  6. Hi, having stripped the clutch assembly on the Martian at the week end I am now requiring the above. Due to been stood with water been able to run down into the bell housing the twin clutch plates have corroded both onto the flywheel and the intermediate plate. The corrosion is so extensive that it is doubtful that they can be machined back without the loss of clutch grip. Does anyone have any tolerances for machining of flywheels or intermediate plates. The military just used to throw a new complete unit at it any help gratefully received possible beer vouches for reward
  7. Beware the Martians are coming !!! Lock up your wallets .
  8. Greetings , a bit of exhaust advice if I may. The exhaust manifold was in a really bad state and I have sourced a NOS however the sections after the manifold are as bad if not worse. I have two systems and both flanges have corroded to the point where I don’t want to fit them. I am thinking that a new custom system to match the old one is the way to go with stainless flange. I presume other lucky owners have had the same issues , what was the best option or are there several? exhausted by sooo much typing now!!!
  9. Hi, I am looking for issue 162 which should have a section on the Leyland Martian. steve
  10. Thanks Simon/ Bob, i have a couple of big Haulage firms who renovate their own trailers so the wood wont be a problem Thank you for your help
  11. Happy new year to All, can anyone advise where I may be able to get a top section of windscreen glass cut or a NOS. Also the wood they used in the floors and sides looks like a mahogany variant as it is very close grained. Can anyone confirm ? . It won’t be possible to get it now but has anyone used something similar or has a source.
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