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  1. Hi All, I have found the number that goes in the red on blue RA square (78) but I am finding it hard to come up with the plate for G troop in 172 battery gun 4 any help would be much appreciated thanks
  2. Hi, have you tried Rob Nixon, that man can source anything artillery related lol
  3. Thanks John , will be in touch tomorrow steve
  4. Hi all, would anyone have 4 of the above . I can get repro heads for them but need the brass for my Bristol Bofors for showing next year. have a great Christmas all
  5. Hi, I have a selection of manuals from when I had a Saracen if they are of any use steve
  6. Hi all, does anyone have the wiring diagram for the Bristol Bofors as the majority of my wires are missing. Any booklets relating to the BB ( even if photocopied or scanned ) would be greatly appreciated many thanks
  7. Hi Richard , I have now acquired a working unit. Thanks for your assistance
  8. Hi Richard , yes that’s the exact one with a rectangular frame and handles
  9. Thanks , I have now located a JAP engine, just need to find a generator and a Bristol Bofors manual
  10. Thanks Richard, if you find the the CD I would love a copy. All costs of copying would be covered
  11. Superb , thanks . I will look into the generator
  12. Hi all after 16 years sat in a barn I am getting round to sourcing bits for the 1941 Mk 1 Bofors which was then “ upgraded “ Bristol. Would anyone know which generator was fitted and anyone likely to have one. all info gratefully received
  13. Hi Steve, do you have a photo of the vehicle? And where are you based? I sold one like it earlier this year and May have some info
  14. Greetings all, I have discovered today that the air compressor on my 1943 Matador has corroded bores and won’t generate the correct level of pressure. Does anyone know of a company that can refurb and supply new piston rings.
  15. Hi all, I am searching for any of the above, to go with my Bofors. Please let me know if you have any thanks
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