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  1. Hi Mike I managed to convert a heavy duty 4 inch ring spanner l found by putting a couple of bends in the shaft of the spanner to clear the wheel studs , l will dug mine out and photograph it for you , the hub nut is the easy bit, the hub takes a few tons of pressure to pull off the tapered shaft and will require a heavy duty puller . Regards Butch
  2. Hi Will OC 600 is the right oil for the rear diff and walking beams and a few other things, you will need a oil pump of some sort as damage will probably happen to the worm bearings , I never heard of anyone running a explorer without one but someone my know differently. Regards Butch
  3. Do you have a oil pump as spares are quite thin on the ground, someone on here was experimenting a few years back in fabricating a alternative way to pump the oil around the diff but I don't know the outcome.
  4. Hi Will There is only a small amount of oil normally inside the cover which works its way there when driving, should be clean though, have you took the oil pump off to check it already as it is missing in the photo .
  5. Hi Dave Not sure if that coupling is a form of lay rub coupling I know they made some for scammells and I think you can still get them , there are two types that I have come across, you need to talk to a scammell handyman unit owner to find out the part number/supplier , try the scammell owners club for contact details cheers Butch
  6. Hi Rob Looking good Mate, have you looked at the Fuel pump as I had a lorry that had the same symptoms as those and it turned out to be that, worked alright with revs just not ticking over , new diaphragm and valves and it was fine . Cheers Butch
  7. Hi Andy Yes it is the same Cheers Butch
  8. Hi mate if you pm me with your contact details I will dig out the NSN for the parts you have asked for if you still need them . Cheers Butch
  9. Hi I've got one you can have if you still need one. Give me a call on 077791489079 cheers Gary
  10. Hi mate have just read your thread, if you still need a answer about the winch pm with a number to call you on ,cheers Gary
  11. Hi Richard, your right, mind blank l'am afraid lve even brought sae140 to put in my explorer diff,
  12. Hi Does anyone know the whereabouts of a new meadows 630pc engine for a Scamell explorer or a good take out that can be heard running before purchase .
  13. Hi Neil, to answer to your question, all the lubricating nipples take OC600 (EP140) but due to the adance in grease technology everyone probably uses grease . The following do take grease Generator spindle bearings (XG271) Starter motor spindle bearings Water pump bearings (LG280) All other moving parts (linkages,door locks, hinges) are just oil can lubricated This list is almost identical on Scammells too, all the above is taken from the D152 and R152 EMER for both vehicles
  14. Neil , l live 6 miles down the road from sible and and will be happy to supply a second or third set of eyes as l've owned a knocker for 15 years and have done nearly everything you can do in that time. a ford cargo part number TDE2P Timax ltd fits nicely as a silencer and a WB6M bend Timax ltd puts the smoke out the side.
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